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Years of faithful cooperation in our Membership has brought about invaluable support to the Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha and its students. Becoming a Member is a step towards your enjoyment of genuine fellowship as we give back. Membership includes the power to vote on issues and projects related to the Association, as well as, the opportunity to hold a position in Council. As equally important, Membership at CMAAA Florida Chapter is truly relational. It's engaging in the communal effort to remain connected to each other in pursuit of the cause. Join us today in acknowledging all that the Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha  has done by becoming a Member.



April 28, 2013

  My dear Alumnae of Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha, Friends All, 

    Greetings to each one of you from Alpha and the sunny Isle. Exactly one week ago on my most recent trip to the United States, I had the pleasure and privilege of basking in the warmth of your collected presence. We had gathered in the Graham Center of FIU for the book-signing event so carefully planned and executed by your hard-working and talented officers of the CMAAA Chapter, Patsy Lee & Company. 

    It proved a pleasant afternoon which I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot express adequately how delighted I was to be among you all again. To witness so many of you from various age groups- alumnae from the decades of the 50's all the way up to the 90's, gathered together in a spirit of camaraderie, dining and participating in the book signing event, proved an occasion that would delight the heart of any school administrator, and I must admit, it brought much joy to my heart. 

    How delightful it was to visit, albeit too briefly to confess, and to recognize how well you all have done in adjusting to your country of adoption. 

    With my current disabilities, I cannot say for certain that I will ever have the pleasure of seeing you all once more but I do want to congratulate you for making the book-signing occurrence such a pleasurable and successful event. It is no wonder that I feel impelled to use St. Paul's words when I recall last Sunday, "I thank my God in every remembrance of you." Your interest and support have been truly admirable. 
Before I close, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Patsy Lee, President and to Olga Azan, immediate Past President and their executives for all they have done during the past decades to keep the Association strong, vibrant and effective. 

    I would like to encourage all past students of CMAAA in Florida to become members of the CMAAA Chapter. Your coming together to exchange memories and to delight in your shared history can be life-giving even to the point of being exhilarating. The chrism of Mercy is through its outreach to students currently in attendance at Alpha. The members of the Association do this through financial assistance to those in need, through counsel and advice at Health Fairs planned and operated by them, and by giving support and showing interest to the girls who are buoyed up and enthused by the care offered by these "big sisters" who show such concern. 

    Many of these students are no less talented than you were, or are, but our economy here may be said to be far worse than you would have experienced in your years here, so the struggle is harder. You can understand then, my plea that you become actively engaged in the association so you too can reach out to those who have come and will come after you.


    A special thanks to all who attended the event last Sunday. You brought much joy to my heart! 
    May God bless each of you with the riches of his love
    In His Love, I remain



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