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Welcome to Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha” Association Inc., (Florida Chapter), launched in October 1995. The CMAAA Florida Chapter collaborated to augment the learning environment to enable the students’ achievements to flourish at the Academy, and to provide steadfast sisterhood for all alumnae who have been moulded by the “Alpha DNA”.  We concentrate on providing support through the various resources we offer. Directors meet regularly to exchange ideas, plan projects and events to further our cause.

Who We Are

We at CMAAA Florida Chapter are a unique band of “Sisters”.  As alumnae of Convent of Mercy Academy (CMA), we have remained faithful to our early ideals and teachings of helping to provide where “Aspirations are strived for and Wisdom imparted”, an intention initiated over 120 years ago.

The Alumnae Association, located in South Florida, is governed and maintained by an Executive Board that welcomes all past students to join, in camaraderie, with a unified goal of giving back to Convent of Mercy Alpha.  At CMAAA Florida Chapter, we operate in service to our younger ‘sisters’, who are currently students at the Academy, through various means including counseling and support. Through scholarships, grants and events, we strive for the development and success of the students as they advance expectantly into the future.


  • Nicolene Wong, President

  • Andrea Bent, Vice President

  • Karen Edwards, Secretary

  • Karane Brooks, Assistant Secretary

  • Sandra Chong, Treasurer

  • Gladys Jones, Assistant Treasurer

  • Dionne Blissett

  • Elaine Bloomfield 

  • Kerry Ann Brown

  • Javier Daley

  • Alric Graham Henry

  • Janet Lalor

  • Patricia Lee

  • Andrea Symes-Creary

  • Jennifer Figueroa (Jamaica Laision)


Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT)



Our Sister Chapters


CMAAA Florida Chapter awards tertiary level scholarships, in honor of former Principal, Sister Mary Bernadette Little, to exemplary students who meet the requirements.  The scholarships are funded through the kindness and generosity of our members, friends and supporters, and annual fundraising events.

Grants are also awarded to students, at all levels, based on academic achievement and financial need.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact CMAAA Florida Chapter for further information regarding the process of applying, and any other questions related to the requirements for scholarships.


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